SUPERFLEX is an expanding collective of humans and non-humans working with an expanding idea of art. SUPERFLEX wants to apply the agency of the artist to all beings, by all mediums necessary. SUPERFLEX practices art as a human activity aiming to embrace non-human perspectives and move society towards interspecies thinking and living, beyond the end of the world as we know it. Originally founded in 1993, SUPERFLEX studio is today composed of members from very diverse backgrounds. As an expanding collective, SUPERFLEX facilitates and urges the collaboration of others, bringing participation to the extreme. For SUPERFLEX, the best idea might come from a fish. In a 30 year span, SUPERFLEX has made energy systems challenging the powers that be, paintings portraying a hallucinatory economy, toilets as structures of power, sculptures as fish penthouses, three-seater swings to celebrate collectivity, beverages to refresh the idea of self-organisation, lamps igniting the discussion of copyright and contracts to explore the possibilities of prohibition. Artworks emerged as open-source beer, hypnosis sessions, plant nurseries and tapestries. Media has followed ideas.

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