Runo Lagomarsino (b. 1977) works with a range of materials, such as installations, sculpture, drawings performance and actions Lagomarsinos work points towards the gaps and cracks in our explanation models and truth claims, highlighting its precarious foundation.

Language, geography, historiography and power are themes that Lagomarsino revisit in his praxis, using materials that often evoke memories of our past, only to ask us to reflect on the conditions enabling these connections. His praxis aims at imagining another form of discourse, through subtle transformations on how we perceive an object or a detail in a narrative. Lagomarsino often starts with something familiar, not to say traditional; forms, which he then attacks, shift, transcend, scrutinize and confronts.

His works often take a starting point in the colonial heritage of contemporary Latin America: the effects of violence and dominance revealed in a drawing of national boundaries on a map, in the iconography of a wallpaper pattern, or in the documentation of a football match. On a profound level, Lagomarsino’s oeuvre belongs to a critical, decolonial project. Nevertheless, he does not primarily seek to tell other stories, or to reveal hidden truths or construct new historical narratives from the perspective of the colonial subjects. Instead, his constellations of objects are aimed at telling the same stories in different ways, at uncovering conflicting dependencies and complex political events without reducing their inevitable ambiguity.

Lagomarsino works has been exhibited in institutions such as Reina Sofía, Madrid, LACMA, Los Angeles and Moderna Museet Stockholm. He has participated in the Venice Biennial (2011 and 2015), The São Paulo Biennial (2012) The Istanbul Biennal (2011), The Gwangju Biennale (2008) and The Prospect Triennial, New Orleans (2017)