Location: Ingen

20.08.2010 - 02.07.2010

Runo Lagomarsino, Tom Burr, Tove Storch, João Onofre, Tue Greenfort, Miguel Calderón, Jorge Macchi, Jason Dodge Curator: Caroline Bøge

The group exhibition FREEZE concerns the human schism between existential and cosmic time. The exhibition presents works in diverse media by eight artists.

Through interaction between minimal sculptures, a poetic video about a tragic fate, an embalmed owl stuffed with gems, mnemonic collages, indexical sun-drawings, and photos that convey today’s climate changes, the exhibition address the concept of time and the human way of relating to it.

Any attempt to define the concept invariably results in a fundamental philosophical paradox: a split between the objectivity of natural science that explains time on the basis of cosmological phenomena and the subjectivity of humanism that seeks to understand it by taking the human being as its point of departure. Thinking about time fuels an existential angst and forces us to question our nature, our persona and the very meaning of our lives. We realize that every tick of the clock brings us one step closer to the inevitable death, but simultaneously we are unable to grasp the seeming infinity of the universe.

By writing down our collective history and by passing on personal stories and anecdotes we orientate our timely existence, and the narrative function organizes language in a way that reflects a human perception of time. By leaving these traces on the world we preserve the memory of our existence and approach immortality. However, the apocalyptic predictions of today’s climate debate threaten – in the extreme – to eliminate time and twist our perception of the concept by potentially making the otherwise personal death a collective matter.

Death metal band Konkhra will be performing in João Onofre’s work Box sized Die featuring Konkhra at the opening on July 1st.

The performance is kindly sponsored by Montana.