Location: Ingen

30.10.2009 - 19.12.2009

SUPERFLEX will take you deeper and deeper into the financial crisis …

The Financial crisis (Session I–IV) is a new film work in which Superflex address the financial crisis and meltdown from a therapeutic perspective. You will be guided through your worst nightmares to reveal the crisis without as the psychosis within. In 4 sessions you will experience the fascination of speculation and power, fear, anxieties and frustration of loosing control, experiencing loss and personal disaster.

Throughout the Superflex show you will experience crisis and financial turmoil but finally you will be feeling fresh, comfortable and happy! The Financial crisis (Session I–IV) has been created for Frieze Films and was broadcast on Channel 4, UK from October 12 – 15th .

This is Superflex’s first solo show in Denmark in 10 years. From large-scale installations through long-term process-based projects, public art commissions, urban planning projects to, more recently, films Superflex’s work is founded in an economic and political awareness. They create works inspired by the points where definitions and possibilities of art become blurred and within which there is a potential for change in our perception of society.

Book release Novembeber 26th 16–18

Free Shop. Published by Porksalad Press. This publication presents the Superflex work Free Shop and contains documentation, interviews and more from the times the work has been activated until date.