Location: Ingen


01.09. - 20.10.2012

We are very pleased to present Matthew Ronay’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. It will be the first time Ronay exhibits in our new space at Ny Carlsberg Vej 68, where his exhibition It Comes In Waves will fill out the entire gallery.

Matthew Ronay’s sculptural works are like mythological visions that embrace the mystical and strange without loosing the ability to impact the viewer on a fundamentally human level. Ronay works with humble materials such as wood, papier mâché and fabric and sets forth oppositions such as male/female; life/death; light/darkness; and reality/unreality. Both formally and as regards to content Ronay’s artistic universe is informed by the spirituality and design of some non-western cultures as well as the cosmology of science fiction. His interest in rites and ceremony is expressed in his works that often have talisman-like features. Oftentimes Ronay ‘activates’ his works by performing at his exhibitions, where he transfers his energy to the works and infuses them with vitality.

Inspired by the psychoanalytic Carl Jung and the mythologist Joseph Cambell Ronay works with his intuition in order to reach an expression that reach us at a fundamental and collective unconscious level. His enigmatic sculptures and stagings engender a strange remembrance of something primal and instinctively original that lies deeply buried in the consciousness of modern man.

At the exhibition It Comes in Waves Matthew Ronay and his wife will perform at the opening on August 31st.