Olaf Breuning
30.01.2010 - 27.02.2010

During February 2010 we will be showing new sculptures, photographs and a wall painting by Olaf Breuning in our exhibition space Mellemrummet. The exhibition corresponds with a feature about the artist in ArtNews.

The sculptures and the wall painting are based on Olaf Breuning’s pencil drawings. Little everyday concerns that in Breuning’s artistic, and often humorous, expression appear paradoxically serious, existentialist, and, in some cases, even melancholic.

The sculptures are constructed in black, painted wood, which keep them in a direct relationship to their source as drawings. With its broad graphic strokes the wall painting exhibits the same reference to its origin.

The three photographic works at the exhibition show a relation to the sculptures. A simple grid structure constructed of white painted wood is exposed to paint that is sprayed, dropped and spit – and then, photographed. Taking the emblematic modernist structure of the grid as his point of departure, as well as working with paint, Breuning investigates the boundaries and possibilities between the two media.

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